What are Estate Planning Documents?

1.  Last Will and Testament:  how you want your property disposed of at death.

You may also Wish to consider other available estate planning documents, such as:

  1. Living Will: This is a document authorized by Ohio statute which informs your          physician of your desire not to have life-prolonging procedures undertaken. which  permits death to occur naturally.
  2. Expression of Final Wishes: This is a statement with regard to funeral preferences (including funeral home and director pre-arrangements, selection of clergy, location of funeral, type of funeral, list of pallbearers. music. readings. cemetery selection and the like.
  3. Anatomical Gifts: A statement of your desire to leave specific organs to an organ bank or for a medical or scientific purpose.
  4. Healthcare Representative Appointment: Ohio statute designates categories of family members to make medical decisions for you. if you become unable to do so I f you are terminally ill and wish to have food and water withdrawn. you can only do so In this document. An should be prepared if you desire other persons to make such decisions or If you are concerned that your family members might not be able to agree on such decisions.
  5. Durable Power of Attorney: This document designates a person to make legal and financial decisions, and sign documents, upon your incapacity or disability. It could also be used to give this person authority to act on your behalf for other reasons. such as during a time when you are outside of the country.
  6. I also recommend that you organize your personal affairs and documents Included with these documents should be a detailed list of social security numbers. bank accounts. safe deposit boxes and location of the key. insurance policies, and stocks and other investments. In addition, you may wish to include a general biographical sketch Including memberships. awards, education, military service, names of relatives. favorite charities and other specific wishes.